Dr. Viktor Mera is a member of the Templar inner sanctum and the head of the Genesis project. Tho he is part of the Genetic Research and Development team, Viktor saw himself as a soldier before a scientist. As a showing of dominance in power, he always challenged those of authority to see if they were worthy enough to be in such a position, even if it was a superior appointed to him.


During the Romanian Revolution in 1989, Viktor Mera was an officer during the plot to overthrow Nicolae Ceausescu and pave the way for the Frontul Salvării Naționale (FSN), the National Salvation Front as well as a new form of government.

After successfully helping achieve the goals of getting the FSN into power, Ion Iliescu appointed Viktor as a field agent for the Templars.

As a field agent, he worked as military intelligence in many conflicts during the Yugoslav wars, mainly the Bosnian war during the siege of Serajevo in 1995 through the end of the siege in 1996.

After the Templar discovery of the Isu and the true creation of the human race in 1997, Viktor became interested in genetic sciences to better understand these discoveries for himself. He continued his studies at the University of Cambridge and earned his doctorate in Genetic Sciences.

In 2000, he was approached by Warren Vidic to Lead Epsilon Team during the Great Purge because of his previous military experience during times of war. In return, Vidic offered to further Mera's knowledge of the Isu and even get him into the Bio-technology and research division of Abstergo.

Trivia: The appearance for Dr. Viktor Mera was inspired by Jeffrey Dean Morgan Edit