From Left to Right: Genesis, Sam, Lilli, Seraphina

The Hybrids were the result of Dr. Mera's Genesis project. Each hybrid created possessed a higher concentration of precursor DNA like the Sages did.

Though they are surviving, there is a flaw in their design as they can experience a series of genetic breakdowns due to rejection of the spliced genetic material.

Creation of the HybridsEdit

By fronting themselves as the Marion fertility Clinic, the project was able to acquire many samples for experimenting. In the early stages of the Genesis project, Dr. Mera and Dr. Graham were isolating certain traits and proteins in the genetic coding that were highly adaptable and could withstand the splicing procedure. In a series of tests, they found 12 sets out of 100 possible candidates in Montreal that were stable enough to continue the genetic experiment.

By splicing the precursor material into a healthy sperm cell and healthy egg in an in Vitro fertilization method, they were ready for transferring into the host Uterus.

Obtaining the HybridsEdit

The hybrids were fully developed in the womb at half the time of a normal human embryo. When the host mother went into the hospital for complications in her pregnancy, they put the host mother in anesthetics and had the hybrid child was extracted via cesarean section. The child was then smuggled to a hidden laboratory underneath the Mercy Heights hospital for observation on their development.

The host parents would then be told of the loss of the child even though it was alive and sending them on their way after a period of mourning. They continued this method for many other host parents in a matter of years.

Everytime there were questions and investigations into the Marion clinic by the host parents, they would disappear or be found dead of unknown causes.

Inspiration behind Hybrids Edit

In the story, I went with 4 surviving females and male. This was as a result the the children of Aita (Hades). In, Greek Mythology, Hades was the consort to Persephone and had a total of 5 children. One male (Zagreus, though many argue the father was Zeus) and 4 females (Melinoe and the 3 Furies.)

The appearance was inspired by the belief that people with blue eyes were thought to be the decedents of gods in the old days.

Another inspiration for their appearance was inspired by a mutation created by Cameron Aubernon in a Daria fanfiction back in 1998. This mutation was known as Alexandria's Genesis, which were people of fair skin, displaying purple eyes and had dark hair. Also referred to as "The Perfect Being"