In 2013, Abstergo obtained a large collection of Precursor DNA by one of it's employees, John Standish.

Abstergo granted  Álvaro Gramática to be the lead scientist in the Phoenix Project, an attempt to recreate an Isu being to further study and understand their technology.

A small team lead by Dr. Mera and Dr. Graham obtained samples as well to work on alternative methods to Alvaro's project. They called this project Genesis. Instead of recreating the Precursor cells like Alvaro, Dr. Graham suggested splicing the precursor DNA into developing Human embryos, creating a Hybrid possessing a triple Helix similar to the Isu.

The Genesis team was successful after many different attempts, losing many hybrids to genetic rejection and breakdown caused by the splicing procedure. There are only 4 hybrids that are stable and have lived over 2 years.